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Yang 37 : Chen Man Ching Short Form

Dr. Cheng Man Ching (1901-1975) was the Master of the Five Excellences: painting, calligraphy, poetry, traditional Chinese medicine, and taichi (t'ai chi chuan).

He studied Yang 108 taichi under Yang Cheng Fu and thereafter developed a simplified 37-posture form, which has become one of the most widely practiced forms in the world. His 37 form, also known as CMC Short Form is a derivation of the Yang 108 form.

Dr. Ching taught this form to numerous private individuals and at one time was asked to teach this form to Army personnel as a manner of self defense.

His primary focus for the creation and use of this form was to cut down on the repetition of the 108 form and to personalize and internalize the energy movements in an effort to bring about better health. As is all other taichi forms Yang 37 is underneath always a fighting form. With focus and intention practitioners of this form use the philosophy and movements to aid in their desire for; better balance and to promote better health.

Currently this class is projected to finish up around 1 June 2013 and will be taught again at a later date here in Punta Gorda, Fl.