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Free Tai Chi Practice in the Park

Richard and mary curtis

People around the world have practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gong for thousands of years, and millions of Americans currently enjoy its health benefits. Tai Chi/Qi Gong is an effective, low-impact form of exercise that involves integration of every muscle, organ, and cell of the body, bringing balance to body and mind.


Selected Testimony from previous participants:

“Since the fast, I have only taken 3 half doses of my blood pressure medication.  My pressure now runs  between 115-135/51-75  without medication…..  I lost my taste for high carb/high sugar foods that I know are not good for me.  — M.C.

“I felt incredibly at peace, happy, energized, healthy and upbeat. No chatter in my brain.  I felt energized and comfortable in my skin and felt like I could finally get enough air.  My stomach stopped hurting…. The shoulder, neuropathy pain, and tingling in the feet and hands went away.  Afterwards, I was shocked that I was able to increase my range of stretch on my radiated side much more.  The skin on my face looked bright and felt extra soft.  I also noticed that some stubborn keloids that I had on my lower left abdomen healed in the center so that I had an inch of healthy healing in the middle of a very long keloid scar….  I felt wonderful during the fasting.”  — F.H.

“This has changed my mind about water fasting.  I have fasted with fresh vegetable juice many times before; now I can clearly see definite benefits of water fasting.  The teachers were very informative, they helped me to release fears!” — C.W.

“Very interesting challenges. It lets you get in touch with yourself, appreciation for water, breathing and qigong exercises, and their role in healing…. (my) alleges were less, feet were better, and feel clear headed.” — M.F.

“Digestion better; mindfulness improved; meditation more focused…. If take the principles offered in the class, a person’s health will vastly improve.” — R.D.

My first fast in October 2016 for 7 days resulted in the Stage IV arthritis in my right hand disappearing.  I additionally lost 13 pounds and have not gained that weight back. During the fast I had more than ample energy to be awake from 7AM to 11PM each day.  I have now completed a second fast of 3.5 days with similar results to the first fast.  A very deep pocket of arthritis in my right thumb is gone.​ — RGC

“Very nice experience… My joint pain in hips & shoulders has been much less.” — P.T.

“I felt this fast was extremely successful!  It was my first time and I actually fasted for a week, because I felt so good during the fasting.  I had a wonderful time and it was mind-opening.  It broke a lot of my assumptions about food and the body and was a lot of fun in the group setting.” — F.H.

 Cost & Registration:  
$90 for 2hr orientation and
four-day classes, 2 hours a day
$50 deposit required (non-refundable) when registering
Pre-registration required, class is limited to the first 25 participants
Registration closes by April 3, or when class limit is reached.

Through sequences of gentle, flowing movements, Tai Chi offers stress reduction, increased mobility, and a considerable number of additional health benefits.

Qi Gong utilizes meditative postures and motion, combined with breathing techniques for personal healing purposes.

Stretch N Balance


Richard Curtis

Wednesdays - 10AM

Reduce Stress                           Better Balance

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For more indepth information about the Bigu Fast with Qigong, click on the Blog below

Why Tai Chi?

Dr. Kevin Chen from the University of Maryland is coming to Punta Gorda the first week in April 2017 to facilitate a Bigu fast with Qigong exercises. 

Dr. Chen will lead us through meditation, special exercises, and QiGong moves 2 hours each day.

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When:   Orientation Wednesday April 5

Fast April 6-9, 2017  (Thursday to Sunday)
PGICA Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association
2001 Shreve St, Punta Gorda, FL 33950