Richard Curtis speaks about the upcoming  BIGU Water Fast 

  For the local person who is suffering from cancer or other various debilitating illness, Guolin qigong should be of high interest.  Guolin qigong was created nearly 40 years ago in China by Madame Guo Lin who had been diagnosed with life taking cancer.  Since that time, this component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has enabled 100's of thousands of people to recover from cancer.

   Another major regimen of this TCM is fasting Taoist style.  The "Bigu" is a Taoist water fast accompanied by explicit qigong exercises for specific organs within the body; heart, liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, lungs and kidneys.  These exercises were designed and created for those suffering from cancer.

   As the name of the fast indicates, the participants will consume nothing other than water.  I have accomplished Bigu fasts of a week, 3.5 days and 5 days.  I assure you I am healthy, happy, and excited to be part of this effort.  Over the 3 fasting periods I have personally had the following changes to my life; all of my stage IV inoperable rheumatism left my hands.  I personally witnessed an elderly woman be free from psoriasis and an elderly gentleman shared his diabetes type II was eliminated.

   While the Bigu Fast is NOT IN ANY MANNER designed for weight loss, weight is in fact a side benefit.  I have lost a total of 20+ pounds during my 3 Bigu Fasts.  Prepared "napa cabbage" will be served to participant on Sunday as they begin to break their fast. 

While most Bigu fasts run 3.5 days or longer, participants may break their fast at their discretion.  One week is not uncommon during these fasts.  Auto-phagy is experienced at 3.5 days. The auto phagy process will be discussed at length during the Wednesday eve beginning of this fast.

An article about Bigu from Yang-Sheng 

by  Martin Eisen, Ph.D.



Offered by

Peace River Tai Chi

Unity Church of Peace

2150 Rutledge St

North Port, FL

Introduction Wed Feb 21 at 7 to 9PM

Thursday Feb 22 at 7 to 8PM

Friday Feb 23 at 7 to 8PM

Saturday Feb 24 at 1 to 2PM

Sunday Feb 25 at 1 to 2PM

Break the Fast

Cost: $50

For more information

Contact Richard Curtis 407-923-8310